Assess, diagnose, and improve

Build a healthy, safe, and compliant work environment

What is Safe365?

Assess, diagnose, and improve. 

The intelligent online application that assesses your organization's Health and Safety programs and policies, develops your personalized health and safety improvement action plan and provides you with the support you need to improve.

Safe365 Benefits

Safe365 provides a suite of features that enable users to simply understand their health and safety program and how to improve. Safe365 is committed to ongoing product releases which all users can benefit from as part of your annual Safe365 subscription.


Tools to help you develop a compliant health and safety environment.

Simple, easy to interpret, visual reports that highlight priority areas of development to ensure you meet the legislation and further enhance employee safety.

Access to the Safe365 diagnostic tool which provides an assessment of the current workplace health and safety environment relative to best practice and the requirements of workplace health and safety legislation.

Access Safe365's trained support service.

Monthly updates of the latest health and safety developments to ensure your organization remains compliant.

How does Safe365 work?

The intelligent online application that develops your personalized health and safety compliance action plan!


The first step of your Safe365 journey is to complete the self-assessment. It’s easy, intuitive and allows Safe365’s intelligent software to provide a diagnosis on your current health and safety status.


Once you finalise your assessment, Safe365 will instantly perform a diagnosis. The dashboard will show your current health and safety status across 10 critical areas (mapped against legislation and ISO standards) so you can quickly and easily see where your business needs to improve.


Once your diagnosis is complete Safe365 will prioritise actions for improvement. Allowing your business to prioritise its time and resources to improve the most critical areas relative to your specific business. As you implement actions, you re-assess that area and your improvements are instantly recorded in Safe365, demonstrating continuous improvement every step of the way!


The Safe365 report can be completed in minutes and provides the key people in your business an understanding of its current health and safety status and priority actions required to achieve compliance. This ensures directors/senior managers have the information they need to discharge their due diligence requirements under legislation.

Why do I need Safe365?

We spoke to a large number of business owners and managers of small to medium businesses. What those businesses told us was that they didn’t understand, in simple terms, what they needed to do to be compliant with health and safety legislation. Some had paid thousands of dollars just to find out… and still didn’t have clarity regarding their current status or a game plan to improve!

Health and safety legislation presents significant personal exposure to all directors and senior management which can lead to fines or even imprisonment for non-compliance.

The business can also exposed to crippling fines, stop work orders and penalties in the event of health and safety non-compliance.

The small to medium business approach to health and safety needed a contemporary solution to respond to these challenges. Enter Safe365.

Intelligent cloud-based software

Safe365 puts your business in the driving seat when it comes to health and safety. Underpinned by health and safety legislation and ISO standards Safe365 provides business owners and managers with a cost-effective platform to assess current capability, diagnose areas of compliance exposure, and provides the solutions to improve.

Safe365 believe all workers should go home safe and healthy from work every day.

Safe365 believe the directors and senior managers (known as Officers) of all enterprises should be able to find out quickly, cost effectively, and in simple terms what is needed to achieve compliance and how to do it.

Health and safety is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement. There are constant changes to legislation, regulations, and best practices – so businesses need an ongoing reference point to assist with this dynamic element of business.

Safe365 is for you!

Health and Safety is an important element of every business

People are your most important asset. Safe365 is appropriate for use by any organization in any industry. The Safe365 platform is most effective for businesses with 5 through to 300+ employees and/or contractors. Safe365 will provide you with the intelligence you need to make good health and safety decisions and ensure you remain healthy, safe, and compliant.


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