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How Safe365 assists Directors, Trustees, and Partners

All directors, trustees, and partners of business structures are required to fulfill two principal duties - a “Fiduciary Duty” and a “Duty of Care”. The “Fiduciary Duty” is focused on ensuring the Directors, Trustees and/or Partners act honestly, in good faith, and always with the best interests of the Company first and foremost. The “Duty of Care” is the second principal responsibility. Canadian Corporation statutes require that directors exercise care, diligence and skill that a reasonable person would exercise in a comparable situation.

Implementing Safe365 throughout the business and requesting regular Safe365 reports from management allows all directors, trustees, and partners to develop and exercise their due diligence with peace of mind, knowing they are receiving the insights they require to check and challenge the health and safety capacity and performance of the business.

Defining and Developing Due Diligence

Due diligence is the level of judgment, care, prudence, and activity that a person would reasonably be expected to do. Applied to workplace health and safety, due diligence means that employers have taken all reasonable precautions, under the circumstances, to eliminate or control hazards, risks and prevent injuries in the workplace.


Examples of Director due diligence practices include:

(a) Ensure that written health and safety policies, practices, and procedures are in place, that employees have been fully trained and are following the policies and procedures in practice.

(b) Gain an understanding of the nature of the operations of the business or undertaking of the business and generally of the hazards and risks associated with those operations.

(c) Ensure that the business has available for use, and uses, appropriate resources and documented processes to identify and eliminate or minimize risks to health and safety from work carried out as part of the conduct of the business.








(d) Ensure that the business has appropriate documented processes for receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards, and risks and for responding to that information.

(e) Ensure that the business has, and implements, processes for complying with any duty or obligation of the employer under health and safety legislation at all times.

(f) Ensure only competent supervisors are appointed, as defined by legislation.

(g) Ensure that all reasonable steps in the circumstances are taken, and are documented, to ensure the health and safety of all employees, contractors, temporary workers and visitors is protected at all times.

Concerned? Don't be.

Safe365’s assessment, diagnostic, action plans, and reporting functionality have been designed specifically with these requirements in mind.

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Measure performance. Systematically Improve.

Safe365's reports provide directors, trustees, and partners with easy to interpret visibility of the businesses health and safety performance. Including the Safe365 report in the monthly board meeting papers allow the key decision makers in the business to take reasonable steps to address areas of exposure and ensure the health and safety remain's top of mind. Using the Safe365 index as a measure, set annual goals for the business to maintain or enhance overall health and safety capability.  


A real impact on real businesses...

“Our business implemented Safe365 to understand our current health and safety capability and what we needed to do meet compliance requirements and extend into best practice. As a company director, the Safe365 report provides me with excellent insights which enable me to understand our health and safety environment, ensure effective resource allocation to the areas that need improvement and ensure internal audit and verification activities are taking place.”

Renae Smart, Director, Civtec Ltd



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