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6 December 2017

Here is a guide to how the software will make your workplace safer and compliant 

Safe365 is an innovative and internationally recognized software product which is rapidly changing the game when it comes to workplace health and safety.

The software itself is easy to use, but exactly how it works is a question many organizations have before they start.

“Our goal is to turn something traditionally seen as a bit complex, tricky and expensive into something simple, easy and cost-effective so that more businesses around the world can build & sustain safer, healthier workplaces. The feedback and reviews we are receiving have universally been tremendous” says Nathan Hight, co-founder of Safe365.

For those who are wanting clarity on exactly how Safe365 works, here is a  simple step-by-step run-down which underpins the ‘assess-diagnose-improve’ application of the product.

The product is purchased directly from in a similar way to other SaaS products such as Xero.

The first thing a new user will do once they have purchased as a Safe365 subscription is to set up an organization profile. This will add context to a business regarding its industry, size, and scope of operations and how those operations may impact health and safety.

The next step is to complete the Safe365 diagnostic assessment which takes 30-90 minutes.  The assessment considers each organizations health and safety capabilities across ten modules which are mapped against legislation and ISO standards.

At the start of each module is an animated video to increase understanding so organizations can answer each question accurately. Safe365 is designed to be used by anyone – you don’t need to be a health and safety expert! Each question during the assessment has a range of response options. All a user needs to do is consider which answer best reflects the organization's health and safety capabilities. If an organization isn’t certain about an answer, there is an option to press “unsure” and come back to it later.

Once the ten assessment modules are complete, an overall ‘health and safety index rating’ across the ten modules will be presented. To obtain a more detailed analysis and recommendations to improve, modules can be clicked on via the very simple and attractive user interface. Safe365 will then display the results of that particular module alongside recommended improvement options.

Once the self-assessment is completed, to improve health and safety performance is very simple and easy. Organisations can click on an area to work on and will then be provided a range of actions they can choose to implement to improve their score in that area. Safe365 has over 300 tools, templates and “how to” guides that allow a business to achieve implementation outcomes quickly, easily and as it suits them. This will ensure the business achieves compliance, comprehensiveness or excellence depending on the health and safety goals. For each recommended action there is information, templates or other resources to help guide organizations through the process.

If organizations have any technical issues or have feedback for Safe365, they can access the Safe365 support service via phone, skype or email.

If there is a requirement to print or present Safe365 results internally or externally, the report function can be utilized. The Safe365 report module allows businesses to communicate health and safety information to owners, directors, shareholders or parent contractors. All organizations have to do is simply go into reports and select the report that best suits their needs.

The aim of the game…? Take a continuous improvement approach to build health and safety capability and increase the overall health and safety index rating for the business.

Safe365’s intelligent cloud-based software puts the business in the driving seat when it comes to health and safety. Underpinned by health and safety legislation and ISO standards Safe365 provides business owners and managers with a cost-effective platform to assess current capability, diagnose areas of compliance exposure and provides the solutions to improve.

To become a leader in organizational health and safety with the latest innovative and easy to use software, get in touch with today or @1.833.723.3365





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